Get Run Ready

Get Run Ready


Running has a broad range of associated health benefits including:

• Increasing fitness, endurance, agility and co-ordination

• Building bone strength

• Increasing muscle strength

• Decreasing Stress

• Increasing Wellbeing

However, whilst running is undoubtedly one of the best and most convenient ways to keep fit, its ‘high impact’ nature has the potential to make it the cause of a wide range of injuries. Being experts in movement analysis, physios are highly skilled to review an individual’s running technique and pinpoint unnecessary and asymmetrical forces acting on the body that might increase the risk of injury or reinjury.

PHYSIO & RUNNERS – The Perfect Team – Nathan Sculthorpe from our Northern Sports Clinic shares his thoughts on Running & Physio Unfortunately, amidst all the hype, it’s easy to lose focus on the basics. The latest shoes might help you look and feel the part; but working on an effective running style will help you feel great and stay injury free. It does not matter whether you are a middle distance runner, a sprinter, in it to just make it, or looking to win, learning to run properly will help you stay injury free and make you a more efficient runner.

Working with your physio to iron out any troublesome mechanics in your running style may help improve your time and keep you primed for the running season.

training with increasing loads + strengthening + recovery = improved running

To improve running fitness and adapt to the stress and load of running, you need a training program which incorporates progressively higher running volumes. Improvements to your style and times are achieved through planned and graduated increases in load along with strategically placed recovery and strengthening programs.

Your physio is ideally placed to work with you and/or your coach to help identify and manipulate your program to ensure that your training does not contribute to injury, fatigue and burnout. While many people turn to their physio only when injury strikes, the reality is a couple of sessions with your physio early on in your training program can help you stay injury free and maximise the effects of your training.


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