Tradies Fix Most Things But Not Always Themselves

Tradies Fix Most Things But Not Always Themselves

Tradies rely on their musculoskeletal health to do their jobs; and ignoring aches, pains and body stress could result in disability and debilitation in the future.

The Facts…

• Every day 10 tradies are seriously injured at work

• 3650 tradies a year on workers comp • In the past five years, more than 17,000 injury claims from the construction industry were reported, costing almost $1billion in treatment, wages and other expenses

• Tradies and labourers made up almost 80% of those injured workers – almost 13,600 workers in Australia • Nearly a quarter (22%)of all roofers, labourers and plumbers experience back pain, muscle stress and strain from lifting equipment

• 15% of plumbers experience knee pain, muscle stress and strain from kneeling or slipping on uneven ground

• Over a three year period from 2008 to2011, 123 construction workers died from work-related injuries. This number of deaths equates to 4.26 fatalities per 100,000 workers which is nearly twice the national fatalities rate of 2.23

• Falls from height or being hit by an object account for 40% of fatalities

• Tragically 2 construction workers lost their lives when on the job last year

• A report conducted by WorkHealth Victoria(2012) found that 25% of males working in the construction industry were identified as having a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, 33% had high blood pressure and were 45% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease

• Male technicians, tradies, machinery operators and labourers are 58% more likely to indulge in “risky alcohol behaviour” than white collar workers

• 94% of tradies reported that they don’t eat enough fruit and/or vegetables

• 5% of injured workers who were off work for at least four weeks sought access to mental health treatment, after 6 months this rose to 30%

A website has been designed to give tradies the right tools

How Can Physio Help?

As APA physiotherapists, we can help manage your patients existing conditions, improve function and mobility in their problem areas, prevent injuries and promote a healthy lifestyle for our Tradies. Physiotherapists are ideally suited to provide a course of exercise and recovery advice for many types of injuries in particular back pain. With appropriate Physio treatment Tradies can get back on their feet quickly and lessen the chance of re-injury.

Physio and Back Pain… Research indicates advice and early modified activity is one of the most important treatments for low back pain. Depending upon the cause and type of pain physios are able to treat pain in a variety of ways that may include joint mobilisations, stretches and specific stabilisation exercise to assist successful recovery. As experts in human movement and musculoskeletal disorders, we understand how the complex spinal structures of discs, joints, ligaments and muscles work together and how injuries occur. Physiotherapists have the training to correctly assess the problem and provide safe and effective treatment. We also promote preventative measures for back pain and are able to teach correct lifting techniques and how to best handle a load. Postural and ergonomic advice is also of major importance for all Tradies After assessing muscle strength, flexibility and fitness we are also able to design appropriate exercise and fitness programmes, either preventative or post injury. Research has also proven that specific stabilisation exercises incorporating the TA and Pelvic Floor musculature are an effective treatment for low back pain. Research has reinforced the Physio’s unique ability to successfully instruct these exercises.

Other Common Tradies Injuries…

• Neck Pain

• Knee Injuries

• Acute – sudden trauma usually an awkward fall or twisting of the knee

• Overuse – continuous activity or overload such as kneeling & “knee-kicking” in carpet laying

• Ankle Injuries

• Wrist & Hand Injuries including dequervans

• Repetitive strain & over-use injuries

Physio Treatment for Tradies Musculoskeletal Injuries… A Physio will be able to accurately assess, diagnose and remedy the cause of pain then rehabilitate for pain free movement.  Early treatment has been shown to reduce the pain and swelling, and provide quicker return to work. Physio also helps to lessen the chance for repeat injury.

Treatment may include any or all of the following:

• Joint mobilisation & manipulation

• soft tissue massage & stretches

• ice, heat & electrotherapy

• functional & rehabilitative exercise

• postural assessment, correction & advice

• advice re movement, exercise & work modification

Physios Promote Healthy Lifestyles…

At Noosa Sports Physio we believe in treating the person, not just the injury, to ensure a complete recovery. Our proven results help our Tradies achieve optimal health, whether it’s to relieve back pain, or recover from work injury or accidents. We promote regular exercise to reduce stress, improve cardio-vascular health, promote better sleep behaviour and increase energy. Our Physios are also able to give advice and apply strapping tape or braces to provide good joint support during the recovery phase. Safe Lifting Techniques and Tips is one of our specialities – prevention is better than cure – we can teach correct techniques and give advice on loads and manual handling. Noosa Sports Physiotherapy is an approved healthcare provider under the Workcover scheme and our Physiotherapists are trained to treat injured workers within a compensation environment, with a focus on achieving a safe and durable return to work. All our Physios are WorkCover accredited and regularly treat and manage Workers Compensations injuries.


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