Travel Medical Kit

Travel Medical Kit

What do you include in a travel medical kit…making this decision depends on many factors and here are 8 key considerations to think about each time you travel…

  1. Type of trip
  2. Do you have any existing injuries or illnesses
  3. Probable injuries or medical risks at destination
  4. How many people are you travelling with so you can determine quantity
  5. Available resources at destination…are you remote…is there a doctor there…or a pharmacy
  6. Personal needs regarding medication…do you have any allergies…
  7. Available space and weight restrictions
  8. Your skill set and knowledge regarding treatment

Inclusions for your travel medical kit…based on a 10 day kitesurfing trip to a remote location in the tropical with an organised group ;


  1. Fess saline nasal spray for prevention of colds
  2. Pain/analgesics
  3. NSAIDS for inflammation
  4. Difflam/Stepsils – sore throat
  5. Codral – Cold/Flu
  6. Amoxicillin – chest antibiotic
  7. Keflex – antibiotic – chest or skin
  8. Decongestant nasal spray – nasal congestion
  9. Bisolvon chesty – chest cough
  10. Lofenoxal – diarrhea
  11. Bactroban or Lamisil Cream – skin infection
  12. Hydrolyte Tablets – electrolyte replacement
  13. Virasolve – cold sore cream
  14. Melatonin – sleep
  15. Personal medications


  1. Toothbrush for wound cleaning
  2. Scissors
  3. Cleaning alcohol/Betadine
  4. Cotton buds/gauze
  5. Dressings – various sizes
  6. Jelonet for reef grazes
  7. Waterproof dressings
  8. Tapes/bandages/compression
  9. Lignocaine for bleeding/cuts – vasoconstrictor
  10. Foam adhesive padding for blisters
  11. Suture kit


  1. Rid for mosquitoes non toxic alternative
  2. Sun creams
  3. Lip  balms
  4. Self treatment ball
  5. Epoxy repair kit
  6. Duct tape


  1. Always check the use by date of medications
  2. Have a pen and paper to update out of stock or used items
  3. Have on hand a list of indications of dosage if unfamiliar

Information provided by NSSPC Principal Physiotherapist Peter Hogg who travels with the Australian Winter Olympic Team for over 22 years and his personal hobbies include annual surf trips and these recommendations are a culmination of his practical experience.  If in doubt please do consult your physician.  Tapes, bandages and braces can be purchased through the practice at a competitive rate.


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